Ivan Notaroš

games - art - adhd


streaming at: twitch
games: itch
socials: twitter - ig
code: GitHub - gist
3d: sketchfab

notable works
Solitaries 2016, solo
Library of Blabber 2015, solo
1 Teratoaster 2016, code
Loss of Fluid 2016, solo
Derail Valley 2016-2018, physics|procgen|3D
Perfect Wave Studios 2017, code|art
The Zium Garden 2018, wooden pavillions|tech support
Trails of Ténéré 2018, solo
Prokuvo 2019, gamedesign|code
Jamsterdam 2019, aesthetics|3D|code
Throw Cubes into Brick Towers to Collapse Them 2019-?, solo
Interminal 2020, 3D|code
Yugotrip 2020-?, gamedesign|code|art
Titan, OPSND 2020, 3D|code
Podvarak (working title, fka House of Flowers) 2020-?, solo
Partycraft 2021, code|ideas
Thought of Train 2016-?, lead|code|art
INFINLAND 2018-???, solo
Jaunpils Pils Simulator 2023
Shakedown Rally 2023-

"Scanner" - European Innovative Games Showcase GDC Europe, Cologne, 2015
Eulogy for Abandoned Worlds A MAZE. Berlin, 2017
Creating Infinity for INFINLAND Everything Procedural, Breda, 2019
Exploring Southeast Europe through Videogames PlayUK, online, 2021
Procedural Generation at Runtime: From Basic to Complex by Example code.talks 23, Hamburg, 2023
Jono & Hulli On A Train Game as background to a comedy routine, Isle of Games, Reykjavik, 2019

small things
Norman's Sky 2016
Thundertron 2016
Glyd 2016 code|flight physics
Hypervelocity 2018
Pikoralli 2018
Pico Space Program 2018
Betula 2020 custom C++ engine
Procedural Manifesto 2018
Juicy Box (interaction demo) 2018

0hour jams (made in 1 hour)
Burger Run 2018
Gone Bawting 2019
Superspreader 2020

web things
socialist company generator
finnish town name generator
djunta sa sitnim nutom - car parts generator (Serbocroatian)